I’m quoting this entire conversation on ATS, between myself and my friend “Peeple”:

originally posted by: Peeple

I don’t know if I would call it symbiotic. So far they fail to deliver something that would make me call them “helpful”. All they do is getting me in trouble, maybe I am not “using” them right.
But as a fun side fact, they can communicate with “beings” in other “hosts”. Not exactly like telepathy, because it is more 3rd hand news. Parasite gossip. Lol.

Maybe there lies the gate, to unification? Animals seem to pick up on it when you’re “one” with them.

You do make an important point there, that I’ve noticed for years.

In my opinion, most if not all “actual telepathy” is just as you say “parasitic gossip”.

As for the “helpful” thing —- I know that it’s not a popular stance, and it flies in the face of the entire world; but it seems to be true;

“spirituality” is only secondarily for humans.

Spirituality is a cargo cult.

We humans are part of a vast infrastructure of “gossiping parasites”, which have their own

We are just peripherally involved (we are their peripherals to be honest).

But “they” are also “our peripherals”.

It’s all one big interaction, with lots of difference pieces.”

Kevin Pretty Bear