Another ATS post about “gossiping parasites (symbiotes):

“You are saying “parasites”, and I’m trying to steer clear of that word these days, and MORE ACCURATELY say “symbiotes”. I get a lot of crap from the peanut gallery, when over years of hard research, I make a slight (it’s slight) alternation of my world view. But as I’ve said many times now, that’s called, in a manner of speaking “science” and personal maturity too.

Only LOONS never change their story when they learn that they are wrong.

But back to the symbiotes..

We sentient beings aren’t monolithic. We aren’t isolated islands.

There scarce exists a single being, which is not a collection of interacting parts.

Maybe bacteria.. before they invade a host. But they aren’t truly alive all the way until they do invade a they can’t replicate without a host, which is one of the conditions for “life”.

The first, second and third “zones” are all considered beings.. which connect all humans together via the following areas:

1) naughty bits
2) stomach
3) heart

Now one would think that there would be more “second hand telepathy” than there is.. but most people are at war with each other within their bodies.. all it takes is a little tension, say in the stomach, and you wont’ hear your “stomach symbiote” and it wont’ “hear you” in any coherent way either. And for 2 humans to communicate via “stomach symbiotes” it takes quite the relaxed and coordinated four-way relay. (person >> their symbiote >> others persons symbiote >>> other person).

No wonder it hardly ever works.

You can of course communicate via the other two symbiotes… sexual and heart… and in fact I have plenty of experience with both of those..

I was in fact linked for over a year with another ATS member via one of those (*cough*). Please no more details. It was quite the interesting experience.

It’s quite interesting that most paranormal stuff and “spirituality” has little to do with the brain.. except as the final step.. to process the impressions and deliver them from the autonomic/visceral systems (the unconscious) to the conscious, if they in fact do become conscious. ”

Kevin Pretty Bear