This is a bit of a dialogue beween myself and my friend BeanSidhe:

“Souls and gods are very similar. If you understand one you automatically understand the psychology of both.

INCLUDING how mistruths and confusions have created both. 10,000 years or so ago…”souls” did not exist.

Now please explain this truth to me…I have faith you can do it.”


I was looking for this article for you because it might interest you. The following is from an anthropologist who wonders whether the idea of a soul is closer to 200, 000 yrs old….

The slab, or stele, was recovered from an Iron Age city called Sam’al in Turkey. It dates to around the 8th century B.C. On the 800-pound, three-foot-tall piece of rock was an incised picture of a man, the deceased, who was presumably cremated, and words that explained that the soul of this man now resided within the stone slab….

…It’s hard to say exactly when the idea of a second self came into play. Presumably the recognition of a soul appeared hand-in-hand with human consciousness, and it was probably voiced when we had language to put the idea of a soul into words. That would place the time frame for a soul around 200,000 years ago, when humans experienced a cultural explosion which they expressed in art, clothing, and evidence of religion.

Clearly, at that point and beyond, humans had moved beyond solving how to find enough food, and they were using their excess brain power and leisure time to think of other things.


It seems that souls pop up because of language and as soon as you try to explain ‘I’ (ego), and partly because we use possessive adjectives for our body (my leg ie the leg that belongs to me). But anyway, I like the anthropologist above’s conjecture that modern humans have always believed in souls.


Close enough; you’ve got it.

Kevin Pretty Bear