Wouldn’t it be grand if everyone were Enlightened, or at least enlightened. But what does that even mean?

Here are two definitions from Dictionary.com (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/enlightened):


1. factually well-informed, tolerant of alternative opinions, and guided byrational thought: an enlightened administration, enlightened self-interest

2. privy to or claiming a sense of spiritual or religious revelation of truth:the search for an enlightened spiritual master

Now using as always the principle of “As below, so above”, we will first examine “Intellectual Enlightenment” rather than so-called “spiritual enlightenment”, as much of that may be simple bull shit.

Let us say that you wished to prepare yourself for potential “spiritual enlightenment”, then you can go about it two ways.

You can chase around (generally) “New Age gobbly gook”, and then at some point “proclaim that you are Enlightened” when you feel like it.. which seems to be the common strategy, or you can do your homework and start with honest and actual “intellectual enlightenment”.

If you were to pursue a “Kundalini-based” tradition, then if you are even remotely sane, you will start with “intellectual enlightenment” first.

When “Kundalini” “arises” everything that you are becomes magnified—ego,intellect and emotions; however ego and emotions are usually magnified first and most, and depending  on the person “ten times not much of anything” leads to not much intellectual improvement whatsoever. However if the “aspirant” begins with “intellectual enlightenment” first, then Kundalini will magnify what it finds–the good stuff.

If you do a good job with intellectual enlightenment, then you must needs examine the “self” as part of your investigation.

IMHO opinion, and the opinion of quite a few others, the nature of the self is like this:

“Moment by moment we change. There is no fixed self. There is at most a temporary boundary that we define as “self” and “not self”.

Eventually if you study chemistry, physics, neurology, sociology and what not; or you are lucky and study a very good alternative system, perhaps ancient, but probably not..then you will realize that the “boundary of what is self” is not in fact determined by you, but by circumstances in the world, and the Universe as a whole.

For example you might wish to be the next Einstein, but if you fall on your head as a baby, you might fail out of first grade. This is an extreme example; however the exact same thing happens every moment of the day.

You might eventually come to the frightening realization that you “don’t actually exist at all”, and that’s close to true. (or you’ve been reading, “Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing” by Jed McKenna) or something like that). Only that is a false realization. You do indeed exist, only the “boundary between you and not you” changes moment by moment, just like with every last elementary particle in the Universe. (Quantum mechanics). Everything is “in flight”. Nothing is permanent, strictly speaking not even the laws of physics.

So YOU do exist.. but are changing moment by moment.. and it’s the effort to “catch God in a butterfly net” or “photograph your soul” or “seek to find your “Higher Self””— all that sort of thing is completely ignorant, retarded and harmful—that sort of thing is LITERALLY destroying the human world and much of the biological world.

So if you could somehow manage, to “put aside foolish habits about the “self” which preoccupies much of your mind, moment by moment, then just think of how much brain capacity you could recover for more pleasant and profitable pursuits, then trying to make permanent something which was never intended to be, and will never be permanent.

Not even this Universe is permanent, or so it appears.

Can you imagine living in this blessed state… where the welfare of others and the pursuit of beauty of become your major goals, as you don’t need a big bloated “you” to worry about all the time.

Even death would become meaningless.

This “enlightenment” is not even “spiritual enlightenment” really.. it’s just the first step..and I’ve met perhaps two people in 55 years who have gotten even that far. Well that I know personally at any rate.

Kevin Pretty Bear