I was posting on my second home away from home, “AboveTopSecret.com”, and I came across a post asking, “Am I too stupid for God?”

It broke my heart.

I see people who are utterly trashed by religion and other toxic nonsense on ATS all the time. Now to be fair, nearly all mysticism, spirituality and the like trashes people too.. not to mention politics and economics. This Earth has been really messed up by us humans.. it’s a miracle that there is one person left who may not be certifiably broken.. rich or poor it doesn’t matter.

But here is what I responded:

“The very fact that you exist means that you belong.

Some people can’t face life head on, and need to buttress their poor self esteem, weak self image and fear-ridden personality with some “system to make themselves feel better”.

This has nothing to do with “God”.

This is just human weakness covered with smoke and mirrors.

You may not understand one or more religions—that’s ok.

God makes Universes.

Humans make religions.

The two have nothing to do with each other.

Best wishes to you,