I feel VERY sorry for followers of Abrahamic faiths, as they have been deluded and victimized for several thousand years.. and it is nearly impossible to rescue one from the ancient “mind virus”.

I do not enjoy, nor wish to “bash on individual victims. It’s not just Christianity of course.. it’s all the Abrahamic faiths.. and even more than that, it’s all the Patriarchal faiths.

The confusion and ignorance about souls was bad enough.

But then the destruction of the “family” (imputing Divinity to the “male” only) led to the marginalization of the “female”, which led to to wholesale consumption and destruction of all life on Earth.

In the case of Christianity, the “Divine Female” became so marginalized, that there no longer was a Divine Trinity (a very old concept) based originally upon the family. It turned into Father/Son worship and the tacking on of an asexual spirit for purposes of historical continuity — it became the great lie which destroys the world.

Individual modern Christians are not to blame, for example, for exterminating my people the Sioux, and all the other native peoples. But that they do not cry and weep for the evil fruit they are eating sickens me personally. Now yes, I know, atheists and non-theists also do “evil” and also killed many native Americans and pagans (“literally something like “farmers”)
to steal their lands for gain.

I do not put all the blame of the world on JUST Christianity, but the destruction of the reverence of Nature, the destruction of the balance of male and female; the balance between humans and nature.. which is not just allowed but MANDATED by Abrahamic faiths, sickens me to my stomach.

Worshipers of Abrahamic faiths have a delusional heaven to which they wish to escape; but the rest of us have to just live here, in the crapped up and devastated husk, which those dominant religious have created.

Kevin Pretty Bear