A friend was asking me about “Kundalini” so here is the very basic response I  gave:

“Humans evolved the way they did, in part to service non-physical-ish portions of nature (the 96% of dark matter / dark enegy is the good guess here).

Some parts of the human body, particularly ones with large concentrations of non-cranial nerves (sexual, stomach, heart),
in the shamanic/kundalini model anyway (and my experience.. and using different words.. many old corrupted models).. tend to accumulate, ummmm… “stuff”. This stuff is a micro-environment.

Over time, the micro-environment itself can become sentient-ish, especially if one is a “practitioner of certain practices”.

(like, believe it or not.. in a manner of speaking, even if not so conscious.. most people in this thread).

These “micro-environments” can also attract “critters”, but that’s an entirely different discussion for another time.

For the most part, it’s these “micro environments themselves” which people “feel to be their soul”.

They are not.. but that’s how it feels.. as it’s these “micro environments” which hook our brains into the “spiritual world”.

Now, some “people” do linger across multiple “lives”, but I agree with the Buddha — that is a bad idea. It’s not a beneficial thing.. and it’s not by design.. and not to be encouraged.. but yes, it does happen.

(but then again, there is a level beyond that too.. whole collections of wondrous beings of which we are a part.. so
if you MUST hang onto the whole soul/spirit/higher self twaddle.. there is a LITTLE truth in that.. but just a little).

Anyway.. to get back to your question.

It would seem (all of this is “it would seem of course”)..

that the babies live “unripened” at the base of the spine near the perineum.
They live in a little “micro-environment nursery”. They almost feel like primordial
micro-black holes to me.. but that’s probably “projection”.

The stomach is a massive micro-environment, as 20% of the nerves in the entire body are there..second only to the brain.

It’s not SUPPOSED to be negative.. but for nearly all humans it becomes that way. Nearly all humans build a “black sludge monster” there.. and that’s one of the main things which turns off the hatching of cosmic babies.. as all 4 micro-environments must be properly prepared, to hatch the babies.

The “heart area” is another micro-environment. (home of mother snake.. another post pls)

And of course the brain itself is the ‘final’ micro-environment. (home of father snake.. another post pls)

To make a baby, all 4 microenvironments must be ‘quickened’. These little symbiotic lives actually sacrifice their lives too, to enable 1 or more babies to hatch..

As a final step, they do live in the brain for a shortish period of time.

Now deluded humans who want to be “spiritual masters”, keep the babie(s) trapped in their brain, so they can go around thinking that they are living gods, screw all the cute yogini’s and maybe even become a Tao Immortal.

Only, they are asshats the ones who do that..

They are keeping the babies(s) from finishing their life cycle.

You see, “being a mystic master” or “evolved soul” is the worst form of delusion of all.

So what are we humans for?

What are stars for?



Nothing in particular.


I know that most people will disagree with me.. nearly the entire world actually.. but if you study REALLY hard, you will see that what I’ve written MAY INDEED be seen lurking in ancient knowledge.

or experience it yourself, if you are totally insane.

Did that help?

Kevin Pretty Bear