Since you are, if anything, “overly conscientious” if such a thing is possible,
you never want to say what weird thing is “true” or “not true” as you do
not wish to mislead anyone.

That’s a toughie alright.

What shamans do, is to sing and dance and entertain and spew half nonsense
most of the time.. but do it in a way that the non-verbal parts of people are
stimulated.. and make the audience do all their work for them,
without taking responsibility for anything.

———- super secret sacred shaman decoder ring only stuff ———-

If you are an honest engineer type.. you have to put everything in nested layers
of “”””””” and (()) and it loses all the artistry of it and you still feel like a doofus
like everyone in the world is or will be laughing at you.

I understand.. trust me.

When you are “ready” you will be able to talk..