Just a snippet of a recent post, where I discuss “The Trickster”, the “Human Mythical Unconscious”, the “Human Group “Soul””, the “Source of most High Strangeness and
“UFOs” or whatever you want to call her. I call her “She who must be obeyed” and the
“Control Loop” (from Jacques Vallee):

“She who must be obeyed” (the control loop lady) lives for “attention”.. and if we were to ever “figure her out”, then we’d put a check mark next to her in the science books, and move on to something else more interesting.

“She” doesn’t want that..

One of the things “she” tries to get you to do, once you can perceive “her” is to promise yourself to “her” for all eternity.. and “she” plays all these “suffering Boddhisattva movies” in your mind..

It’s an interesting “pickle” to be in..

You DO want to love “Her”. But it’s also a “Trap”.

It’s a no-win situation, without an answer.. at least I don’t have one..

All I’ve been able to do, is to “love her” equally as much as I Iove everything else.. without showing “Her” any favoritism whatsoever… that way.. she gets “Her” love.. and protects me and doesn’t get all tricksey on me (much), but I don’t
fall under “Her” spell.

I really wish that I could be more specific.. give some perfect “cosmic answer” and wave my spirit rattle and solve everyone’s answers. But I can’t.

I am resolved to share what I know.. and admit most clearly what I do not know.

That’s all I can do.

Solving “Her Riddle” would fundamentally change everything.. but we mustn’t go charging after “Her” .. that’s what “She” wants.. “She” is a Chinese Finger Trap.

Kevin Pretty Bear