I was talking to a friend of mine, about her experience of large, colorful “orbs”
flitting about her back yard, and the varying reactions of her family to this. I
quipped that I appreciated her delivery of the tale, rather like the subject
involved was raccoons who had gotten into her trash. Then i responded
with the following:

“Thank you for putting a very normal, human face on a controversial subject;
it was like you were discussing raccoon’s who get into the garbage and
the varying reactions to that.

The truth is, that without the Higgs Boson, and the Higgs field, there wouldn’t
be any solid matter for us at all.

That means we are 1 wittle particle/field away from the whole world being
ghostly from top to bottom.

If you read “Encounters with Star People”, you’ll hear stories by Native
American’s calmly discussing how orbs of light turn into people.. into
UFOs, and then back into orbs.

There you go. I believe them.. and being 1/4 Lakota Sioux myself,
while I have not seen that exact sequence, I’ve seen “similar”.

The truth is, we are a young and highly prejudiced / programmed species,
who doesn’t know who they are yet.. living on a tiny crust of 4% of the
Universe (“dark matter & darky energy” (invisible) are 96% of the

I find it completely rational that “everyone else” is an “orb” (the most
energy conservative form in nature is the sphere, which becomes a
drop under the effects of gravity) and we are the oddballs not
knowing to come in out of the rain.”

Kevin Pretty Bear