I don’t do the “Maya” thing.. it has no explanatory power and leads people to bad directions.

Most things are “real” in that they exist in some manner.. even if only as “thoughts in the mind of god”.. but even those “thoughts” have substance.

It’s like with a hologram..

Each slice is still “real”, although only the ultimate source is “fully real” as the “ultimate source” has maximal information.

So you thought “she who must be obeyed” was my reference to the Eastern concept of “Maya”, “Illusion” or “Delusion”?

I didn’t.

I find zero value in that concept.

Now, I find value in not “wigging out” on things which are “real” but have less information content than other things which have “more”.

No, I’d say that “she who must be obeyed” is just as real, or more real than most other things here on Earth… at least on a certain level (say “sprinkle Faerie dust” if you must.. but it’s still physics at the end of the day).

Really.. contrary to nearly all of Eastern mysticism, it’s not our job to “escape Maya”. There is no escaping “Maya”, not even for ‘God’, as even ‘God’ has varying levels of information content all around the Universe (s).

Everything is a show.. a painting.. a canvas.. it’s just how it is.. there is nothing to escape..

Now yes, sometimes some “people” can confuse one thing for another.. or sometimes it might be possible to start living in a “new world” or “different world” due to gaining access to more/better information.

But “lower” information states are not to be despised.. you might as well wish for the destruction of all reality.


Kevin Pretty Bear