It appears that stable states of quantum entanglement may persist in the human
nervous system for up to one day. If this is true, it may be a major component
of a real answer to the puzzling so-called “metaphysical” and “UFO conundrums”.


Quantum Cognition
“Quantum Cognition: The possibility of processing with nuclear spins in the brain
Matthew P. A. Fisher1
1Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106
(Dated: September 1, 2015)
The possibility that quantum processing with nuclear spins might be operative in the brain is explored. Phosphorus
is identified as the unique biological element with a nuclear spin that can serve as a qubit for such
putative quantum processing – a neural qubit – while the phosphate ion is the only possible qubit-transporter.
We identify the “Posner molecule”, Ca9(PO4)6, as the unique molecule that can protect the neural qubits on very
long times and thereby serve as a (working) quantum-memory. A central requirement for quantum-processing
is quantum entanglement. It is argued that the enzyme catalyzed chemical reaction which breaks a pyrophosphate
ion into two phosphate ions can quantum entangle pairs of qubits. Posner molecules, formed by binding
such phosphate pairs with extracellular calcium ions, will inherit the nuclear spin entanglement. A mechanism
for transporting Posner molecules into presynaptic neurons during vesicle endocytosis is proposed. Quantum
measurements can occur when a pair of Posner molecules chemically bind and subsequently melt, releasing a
shower of intra-cellular calcium ions that can trigger further neurotransmitter release and enhance the probability
of post-synaptic neuron firing. Multiple entangled Posner molecules, triggering non-local quantum correlations
of neuron firing rates, would provide the key mechanism for neural quantum processing. Implications, both in
vitro and in vivo, are briefly mentioned.”

My “Giant Black Triangle Experience and other Strange Experiences”

All had one thing in common; during the event, the ‘entire world’ felt ‘realer than real’. I’m not talking an
endorphin rush or other pedestrian explanation. I’m talking about a state of non-ordinary awareness,
where time slowed, everything was brighter and more detailed and ‘amazing’.

I’ve experienced this exact same state in the following circumstances:

1) NIght terrors.
2) During so-called “peak Kundalini experiences”
3) During so-called “paranormal experiences”, such as during the “Matreya incursion of 1982”.
4) During my ONE AND ONLY “UFO encounter”

During all these experiences, it feels like I’m temporarily a resident of another world.. with
different laws of physics and events. Of course myself and others like me could simply be
excitable types, perhaps prone to Conversion Disorder

But IF our consciousness is related to long-term “stable” quantum states, then perhaps this is a large
part of the explanation for all manner of weirdness. For example in UFOlogy, there have been cases
where two people are standing next to each other, and one “sees a point blank UFO” and may even
receive radiation burns requiring hospitalization, while the other person neither sees nor experiences

One fact about quantum mechanics that has always fascinated me is on point: when a photon travels from
point A to point B, it not only takes the shortest path, but takes ALL paths.


Photons Take all Paths

In Summary

What I’m suggesting, is that if long-term quantum entanglement in the brain is a real phenomena, then perhaps
under some circumstances our brains (and perhaps other parts of our bodies) might touch onto pre-existing
long term quantum potentials in play, such as other ‘paths’ (channels/worlds).