For reference, this other post: Why does God want us to be Horny all the Time is similar in some details, but this post mentions another important note or two, so it deserves a bit of separate treatment.

So what happens when you become afraid? Well your Adrenal Glands release cortisol. Cortisol is also a cholesterol-based hormone, which is capable of crossing the Blood Brain Barrier.

Now let’s start with what I inferred in the other post, that perhaps “something” has the ability to attach to hormones in the lower body and then is able to “hitch a ride” to the brain. It certainly seems like “life” conspires to keep us all permanently horny and afraid;
and in both cases our brains swim in testosterone and cortisol, both of which damage our brains.

I will quite annoyingly leave the topic alone again, of some supposed “agent” which might be keeping us all hopped up on negative hormones so that they can influence our brains; that’s a toughie to prove or disprove, so let’s leave that one alone again.

I would like to point out that long-term high cortisol levels in the blood stream damages the Hippocampus, which erodes away long-term memory and the personality. It in fact turns one into a vegetable, unable to put up much of a fight.

So that’s interesting. Maybe that’s why the government and media love us to be afraid.. we become more obedient little sheep. Of course religion, every religion ever made by man (that means all of them) seems absolutely designed from the first pages, to make us absolutely terrified of an all-powerful being, which loves killing women and children and in fact all life on the planet, and who probably also wants to damn most of the human race to a place of eternal torment. Heck, even if you obey the religion (the men in charge of it) perfectly, you still won’t really know whether you are going to go to “Heaven” or “Hell” until you die; thus you are kept in a mind-vegifying, cortisol-saturating state from birth to death.

Have you ever noticed that both “evil supernatural creatures” like so-called demons/devils/Djinn/and all manner of boogey men, as well as all these “abducting aliens” are supposed to be so powerful and malevolent; they want to abduct us, they want to kill us, they may even want to wipe out the entire human race — but they don’t. In fact the supernatural creatures seem immune to capture, so that we can study them and not be afraid of them, and the “UFOs” will apparently NEVER land on the white-house lawn, as then the game would be over—no more anxiety, fear and uncertainty to modify our brains.

But what they do accomplish is keeping us all afraid all of the time. Now with the Internet and global media, it’s very easy to keep us all terrified on a semi-permanent basis. But before the industrial revolution, we needed something more local and in our face – such as the local church, or the local demon/devil/faerie/Djinnn or whatever.

But any way you look at it, our brains are being ‘vegified’ or perhaps even plasma-formed
(made suitable for infestation by a “plasma life form”) with all these negative hormones tearing away at our brains.


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