[Well that is the goal at any rate]

Hi, this is Kevin “Pretty Bear” your host.

I thought that I’d nail-up this first post, so that we can all be on the same page here, and so that I can laugh at myself and poke fun at myself over the years over how seriously
I took myself with this first post! I’ll resist the temptation to edit it, except perhaps to add PS: notations at the end, as I hopefully wise up over my remaining years of life (I’m 54!).

I’ve been involved in equal parts with science/technology and so-called ‘metaphysics’ since I was in the womb apparently.. I had that very early brain development due to my Asperger’s Syndrome. I really did act like a “little professor” when i was young. I first started talking about the societal error of lying when I was 5 or so. I started in on sustainability and peak oil by the time I was 8. And I was wanting to build ‘warp drive engines’ by the time i was 12. Of course I didn’t. You can click on the ‘about tab’ if you want to hear me drone on about myself. But in short, I’ve carried the cognitive dissonance of so-called “spirituality” and so-called “science” since I can remember.I find both fascinating and I find both deceptive. For the record I find science at most ten percent deceptive and “spirituality” (as learned from the world anyway) one-hundred percent deceptive. But of course I have my own variety of “spirituality”, but I won’t force it down your throat. I will mention it in passing quite a few times however in various forms. But i promise that I just want to stir good conversation, and not try to convert you to my religion or spiritual system (not my thing and in fact I don’t really have either of those).

As a matter of fact, it is my contention, that all the worlds religions and spiritual systems are a giant sham and possibly a conspiracy and should be ignored completely and totally, except when picking them apart to see what the “Wizard of Oz” is really up to behind the curtain, and it’s not for the benefit of humanity, that I will assert.

I don’t follow the hogwash that has been sold to the human race, that they are immortal sparks of ‘god’ and have a grand and glorious future; that death doesn’t hurt, and that we are all going to heaven or going to ascend or something like that. As a matter of fact, if anything, humans are more like cattle than godlings. But I won’t tell you that we are all trapped in ‘the matrix’ and that this is really “hell” and that we are being farmed for “loosh” (a hypothetical energy source like ‘soul substance’) by evil entities. As a matter of fact, I’ll demolish the concepts of good/evil/soul/higher self/enlightenment and even UFOs (per se) before I’m done.

So don’t read this blog if you aren’t interested in a completely different approach than you’ve probably ever heard before.

Now yes, I do have something like 35 years in science and technology and yes, I have even longer than that where I have worked on trying out the most powerful “spiritual techniques” such as so-called Kundalini Yoga, which the ages long marketing say will turn you into some sort of ascended god. Only it didn’t. But I did study it like a bug under a microscope to determine what if anything was actually happening from a more scientific perspective.

So i can say with all sincerity, that human beings have been “had” through and through; that there is one unified theory that explains all the weird stuff, and answers much of the big stuff (don’t the Internet crackpots always say that?) behind all the spirituality, religion, and ‘UFOs’ plus various conspiracies in the world, and once you understand some of the basics of it, you will laugh and chide yourself for all the silly things you used to believe in.

Now, I’m not finished. Hell, I’m maybe only 25% done. But that 25% has me excited, and I’d like to trade thoughts with fine minds, and work on this theory. Yes, it’s a theory. It might ALL be wrong. Every bit of it.

Since I love science and rational thought, it’s a bit embarrassing to put such fringe ideas and experiences out there. In many ways I wish that I HAD invented warp drive, and we were now living in Star Trek. Unfortunately that’s not apparently the Universe that we live in. So when life hands you lemons.. it’s best to drink a cola, as lemons get that fiber stuff caught in your teeth.


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