The reason that these ‘giant ships’ act like they have no mass is..
drum roll… they have no mass. Not ‘traditional mass’ in any

Once this simple (obvious) mental leap is made, then dozens
of incongruities and paradoxes fall to the wayside.

But of course that dashes the little green men flying to Earth
for untold thousands of years to anal probe us and otherwise
torture us (and never let themselves be caught) and that’s no
fun. Humans want their little anal probers to be genuine!


Do any other ‘critters’ try not to be caught or to hide their
true form in mythology? Let’s see… well pretty much all
of them…

From angels to demons to djinn to faerie folk of numerous
kinds.. nature spirits.. old gods.. new gods.. none of them
want to be ‘caught’.. all of them are annoyed if you try to
name them (reveal their identity).

Of course that’s just MYTHOLOGY right?

There’s no MODERN phenomena that acts that way, right?

Thank God that genuine aliens are constructing massive
fleets of UFOs and buzzing our skies nightly.. abducting
us.. anal probing us.. telling us great stories about star
empires.. telling us that they are really jesus.. telling
us all these wonderful TRUE things..

These TRUE things are so much better than the thousands
of years of nearly identical MYTHOLOGY that is FALSE.

Well I’m glad that we cleared that up!


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