There was a time some 15 years ago, that the words spilled out of me endlessly.
I wrote three different book manuscripts in under a year.

This was while I was still undergoing the strange transformation that I will write about
in some depth as the years pass.

The problem with all this super writing ability however, was that I was still to a great
extent deluded by the process; I was infested with various societal memes about
the process and I knew it. So some internal limiter was preventing me from
disseminating the material; after writing those three books I destroyed the
manuscripts and here I am, just on the verge of writing with a clear conscience.

Now what has been blocking me? That is the question. Well in this case I’m pretty
certain that I have left out the story of the poor abused and abandoned Right
Hemisphere of the brain.

Julian Jaynes in “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral
Mind” was really onto something there, and I’ve known it for many years, but have
not yet folded what actually happened (sorry Julian you didn’t quite nail it) into the
story of consciousness.

I wills say however, that the Right Brain Hemisphere is so desperate for attention
and to be heard, at least in some people (especially those of some genetic
heritages and mind types such as autism and schizotypcal response patterns)
that it is quite willing to pretend to be ‘other beings’ such as ‘spirits’.

So do I think that this is the entire answer? That a very annoyed Right Brain
Hemisphere is at the root of so much modern mythology and strange
phenomenon? Not the entire answer; but obviously there is a linkage here,
and my own Right Brain Hemisphere is blocking my writing output, until I
decipher the last piece of the puzzle.

Wish me luck!


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